Maybe there’s an opportunity in front of you that could change your business and your life. Or maybe you’re under pressure to make a tough call, and it’s keeping you up at night. Who truly understands what you’re going through? And who can you ask for guidance?

Tap into the wisdom of your peers

The group is your place to bounce ideas off people who’ve been there. Get help working through that new idea you’re about to pitch to your business partners, or how to make that tough decision. Gain insight on how to capitalize on opportunities that come your way, access to practical learnings grounded in research, and much-needed camaraderie.

How this works

The peer mentoring program has three key elements: presentations, learnings and accountability. Some of our groups also go on an annual offsite.


Members bring their business and personal challenges to share with the group. Applying a structured methodology, the group digs into the heart of the issue and gives their input and guidance.


The group chooses topics it wants to learn more about, and the content is delivered by the mentor, outside subject matter experts, or individual members.


By setting goals and sharing progress at meetings, members hold each other accountable. Accountability partners keep members focused and connected between meetings.

Annual offsite

Over three days, members take time for reflection, learning and bonding. They dive deeply into business and personal understanding, from crafting a long term vision to doing a personal SWOT.

How we meet

We host in-person peer mentoring groups in Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C., and are forming groups in the San Francisco Bay area.

We’re now introducing all-virtual groups, enabling CEOs and presidents to access the guidance and support they need from anywhere in North America.

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A word from our clients

I value the emphasis on the whole self, in tandem with the business learning I gain from everyone.

Barbara Ross-Denroche
Co-Founder and Chair, The Refinery Leadership Partners

Compared to when I started, I now come across patterns in my business, and I can make decisions more efficiently. Also I now reach out to get support. That means I’m confident in my ability to find an answer to any problem.

Eesmyal Santos-Brault
CEO, Quantified Citizen

What keeps me up at night is worrying about what I don’t know, what people won’t tell me, and what I can’t figure out for myself.

Steven Fitzgerald
President, Habanero Consulting

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