This past weekend, we joined some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading business figures for Impact 2023: The Best of Everything. For us, the most valuable part of the conference was the chance to gather with a diverse and engaged family of Giant Leap members.

The first day kicked off with our member lunch, an opportunity to meet with curious leaders from every group, each with the firm intention of wringing the most out of the experience. Throughout our discussion on effective networking, we felt inspired by the power of individuals and groups to come together as a community.

It was also an opportunity to welcome our newest group leader: Joanne Giordano.

Giant Leap members at Impact 2023.

Giant Leap President George Noroian’s session challenged a packed house to ask, “What makes a leader great?”

Every leader is unique, but it’s possible to distill their characteristics into four key attributes:

  • Purpose that drives clarity and commitment
  • Persuasion to communicate and inspire
  • Persistence that endures through challenges
  • Power from unique abilities and insights

Giant Leap Group Leader Aaron Schmookler shared the best lesson from his time in a creative leadership role—directing theater.

His experience taught him that leaders are responsible for providing the clarity to enable self-direction. He summarized that lesson in two empowering words: “Show me.”

When you ask people to demonstrate something, you provide agency and the oversight they need to feel supported.

There’s an enormous benefit to joining like-minded leaders for shared insights and inspiration. We encourage you to attend next year’s Impact event and capitalize on this opportunity with the Giant Leap community.

Save next year’s Impact event to your calendar – May 2-3, 2024.

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